My interest in moral emotions centers on compassion and how it can help with mental well-being. I am curious about other moral emotions like gratitude, guilt, or awe, and if technology can be incorporated to explore them. Here is my presentation on Vincent, a chatbot for self-compassion. I discussed Vincent on a show called Erik Scherder Onderzoekt on NPO2 (Dutch TV) for a special on loneliness (I appear from 22:08 onward and talk in English). In an interview for Zeus Jones' Athena, I talked about AI, artificial agents, and emotions. I was also on the Anomalous Mind, a podcast on mental health.

I did my PhD at the TU/e's Human-Technology Interaction and Philosophy & Ethics groups. My dissertation on interactional morality can be found here. Previously, I studied Human Centered Multimedia at University of Amsterdam, Philosophy at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, and Digital Arts at Pratt Intitute where I created works like an animated short that was apparently banned by a festival. More information can be found on my CV.

I am affiliated with the Center for Humans and Technology of the TU/e and the 4TU research center Humans and Technology for continuous collaboration between four technical universities of the Netherlands. My home base is Atlas (pictured here) where the Industrial Design department is located. Check out our latest research.