My interest in moral emotions centers on compassion and how it can help with mental well-being. I am curious about other moral emotions like gratitude, guilt, or awe, and if technology can be incorporated to explore them. Here is my presentation on Vincent, a chatbot for self-compassion. I discussed Vincent on a show called Erik Scherder Onderzoekt on NPO2 (Dutch TV) for a special on loneliness (I appear from 22:08 onward and talk in English). In an interview for Zeus Jones' Athena, I talked about AI, artificial agents, and emotions. I was also on the Anomalous Mind, a podcast on mental health.

I did my PhD at the TU/e's Human-Technology Interaction and Philosophy & Ethics groups. My dissertation was on interactional morality. Previously, I studied Human Centered Multimedia at University of Amsterdam, Philosophy at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, and Digital Arts at Pratt Intitute where I created works like an animated short that was apparently banned by a festival. More information can be found on my CV.

I am affiliated with the Center for Humans and Technology of the TU/e and the 4TU research center Humans and Technology for a continuous collaboration between four technical universities of the Netherlands. My home base is Atlas (pictured here) where the Industrial Design department is located. Check out our latest research.